Ready to share your data?

A century ago, our ability to fight fires was limited by our ability to connect hoses.
Today, our ability to protect our communities is limited by our inability to share data.

Three simple ways to share your data

Sharing your data has never been easier. Choose from one of the simple methods below

From your RMS

Contact us to find out if your Records Management System (RMS) vendor is set up to automatically share data with NFDS directly from your system.

By email

If your current system is designed to automatically email an NFIRS file to your state fire marshal, we are capable of processing this file. Contact us below for information.

Via upload

Request approval below to submit your data using our Data Upload page. You will need a free log-in to use this feature.

Learn More about sharing your data

Data contribution agreements

We think your data is important and so is ensuring we are all in agreement how it will be used. All data contributions will be covered under a user license agreement. If your community requires a separate contractual Data Contribution Agreement, contact us to initiate this process.

Data protection

We built our system using the latest cloud-based infrastructure to ensure industry-leading security procedures to protect the data from unauthorized access and use. As an additional layer of protection we leave it to the discretion of the data provider to share only those data they are comfortable and able to share.

Technical requirements

Our system has been designed to be as flexible as possible. We are able to handle a wide variety of data formats. In particular we have optimized the system to be able to accept the following types of data:

  • TXT, XML, JSON, CSV, XLSX, and other typical file formats
  • NFIRS 5 Exports
  • NFORS Operational Data
  • ESRI Shapefiles of fire department boundaries

If you are interested in sharing other types of data, contact us.