Safety in Numbers

Data analysis can be used to make evidence-based decisions to enhance operations, risk reduction, and safety. Sign up today to be a part of the solution.

Data solutions portal

Records are meant to be stored. Data are meant to be used. Start using fire data today. The NFPA Data Solutions Portal is an easy-to-use way to query fire incident data and other types of data in the National Fire Data System to begin answering questions.


Use cases


Chief Joe Maruca

West Barnstable Fire Dept.

“In small towns, the needs of the fire department aren’t as apparent as they are in urban and suburban areas. So data helps us credibly demonstrate what we do and why we are needed to local officials and to community members. It helps us align expectations with reality. Data also guides our training strategy. It shows us where we need to focus to be effective and relevant. Data has been a key part of every successful new effort at our fire station for the past ten years.”

Dr. Lori Moore-Merrill


“These projects are part of a national movement to use data in new ways across the fire service to improve the safety of our communities and that of the first responders who protect them.”


Chief (Ret) Ed Plaugher

NFPA 950/951

“With the rapid adoption of technology within our industry there is greater need to standardize data collection, data sharing, and data utilization regardless of the size of your department or the complexity of your systems. NFPA, through both the NFDS project and the NFPA 950 and 951 documents, has planted a flag in the ground in terms of improving fire service data.”


Chief Frederick Kauser

Mifflin Township Division of Fire

“The fire services are one of the last public sectors to use data for decision making. I have found that I if I do not use data to support good operating decisions - I will be using it to defend good operating decisions. Applying the results of data analysis up front is clearly the better approach.”